Useful pages and apps

We want to share the pages below. They are some of the handiest websites and apps for use in Mauritius!

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Useful websites and apps


To do

Explore Mauritius

explore mauritius

Explore Mauritius is the best website that explains all the hikes you can do in Mauritius


Work / Study



Helps freelancers, travellers, entrepreneurs and creative minds in Mauritius with advice and entrepreneuring in different countries.




Bank of Mauritius

Bank of Mauritius

Check the currency and get useful information, like scam alerts



Mauritius Buses

Mauritius Buses

This is a very useful website to see all the bus lines.

Mauritius Startpagina (Dutch)

Mauritius startpagina

Here all useful links for Dutch people are listed





Here app

This app will navigate you off-line through Mauritius and other countries. This app is even better up to date than Google Maps