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// 20/01/2016
Mauritius visa

As a tourist you can stay for months in Mauritius. Your Mauritius visa doesn’t cost anything, likewise the Mauritius visa extension is for free. The rules are simple, yet unknown to many..


When you enter Mauritius by air plane the immigration officer at the airport will count the days you stay in Mauritius. Based on this you will receive a stamp with either 30, 60 or 90 days. Coming to Mauritius they will tell you that you can stay up to 90 days maximum in Mauritius. The truth is you can stay up to 180 days per year in Mauritius. Many people are not aware of this and you will not be told about this.. I have not yet figured out why..

Mauritius visa extension

What do you need?

To stay longer than 90 days you need the following:

A copy of your passport
A copy of the passport stamp
Your bank statement
Your (new) return ticket
A letter of the owner of the accommodation you are staying in confirming you are able to stay longer
A prove that the owner really is the owner of the accommodation. A prove could be a water – or electricity bill

Where do you have to go?

You will have to go to the immigration office in Port Louis. The office is located on the first floor in a building called ‘Sterling House’. The street name is Lislet Geoffrey street.

The procedure

In the office you have to wait until the officer calls you. If you have all your documents ready you can get your stamp in no time. On the stamp the officer will write the date you will leave Mauritius. Your Mauritius visa is extended until that day. Extending your visa is does not cost any money.




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