Trou Aux Cerfs

// 02/11/2015
Trou aux Cerfs

Mauritius is a volcanic island and you can find one in Curepipe. Trou Aux Cerfs is the green heart of Curepipe and gives you a nice 360 degrees view over the city. Many citizens therefore use the volcano for a morning-jog all the way up or to look where they have parked their car.


Trou aux Cerfs is the only volcano on Mauritius that is not yet dead. It is a dormant volcano. Trou aux Cerfs has not erupted for more than hundreds of thousands years, but experts say it could become active again, even within the next 1.000 years. The volcano is more than 600 meters high and has a crater of 300 meters in diameter.

The visit

At the top you can walk all around the crater. The environment is beautiful with plants and flowers and the view is very nice. You can have a look over Curepipe and beyond. If you want to do like the Mauritians do, you go very early in the morning to the foot of Trou aux Cerfs and jog your way up and back down.

How to go to Trou Aux Cerfs

By car

There are different ways of reaching Trou aux Cerfs, depending of which way you are coming from. The M2 is the nearest highway to Trou aux Cerfs. Get off at Quartier Militaire Road and drive west. You still need to cross many streets though to reach the volcano.
Another way to get to the volcano is by driving into Swami Sivananda Avenue and follow the signs to Darné, which is one street away from Trou aux Cerfs.
Recommendable is to use navigation to find Trou aux Cerfs.

By bus

From the bus station Jan Palach Square in Curepipe you can walk to Trou Aux Cerfs in approximately 25 min. From the bus station walk in north-western direction along the Jerningham street. Turn left on the Malartic Street and keep on walking until you see Trou aux Cerfs on your right. Turn right at the Edward Hughes street and you will be at the bottom of the volcano.


Trou Aux Cerfs

Trou-Aux-Cerfs Road, Curepipe, Mauritius


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