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// 22/04/2016

Taking a taxi is an affordable thing to do in Mauritius, whether it’s just to take you back home from a restaurant or to drive you around the island. Still prices can vary. Also, there are some online tools to help you find a taxi. We’ll be happy to share our knowledge..!

What’s normal?

The way taxi’s operate depends per country, for Mauritius this is what you need to know.

  • You usually arrange a price at start. It’s not common that taxi’s drive on a meter.
  • Taxi drivers are everywhere. As a foreigner, you will be asked if you would like a taxi several time per day.
  • Non-taxi’s can also act like taxi’s by using their own car. It’s not necessarily more risky regarding safety, but we recommend to ignore this, just to stimulate people making an living through an honest job.
  • You can hire taxi’s for a full day to drive you around.
  • When you are with more people it’s also possible to arrange a minivan that will drop you and pick you up.

How to find a taxi?

Taxi’s can be found everywhere. There are many taxi’s on Mauritius, so you’ll see them driving around on the street or on parking areas. You can see below where the taxi stands of Grand Baie and Flic en Flac are located.

Taxi stand Grand Baie

At supermarket Super U.

Taxi stand Flic en Flac

at Spar supermarket.


There are many taxi services offering a taxi online. Ala-Lila is a great modern online application for arraning a taxi in Mauritius online. You can type in all necessary information for your taxi. You can use it as a app on your phone too, making it extra useful.


Each hotel has it’s own taxi driver(s) or connections with taxi’s. You can ask a taxi at the reception. It’s also best recommendable when you need a minivan to order this at your hotel reception.


In tourist area’s the prices are a lot higher than elsewhere on the island. To give you an example, it’s very normal to pay around 150 Rs to a taxi driver in Grand Baie or Flic en Flac just to take you from A to B inside the town. In let’s say, Curepipe, a taxi driver will drive you around for an hour for the same price.
In tourist area’s you can hire a taxi for a full day for around 1.000 Rs. This price can be lower or higher, depending on the person and the negotiation.
Depending also on whether it’s daytime or in the evening, you have to try and negotiate (this is not possible tough when arranging a taxi on the internet). In the evening or in the night a taxi driver will charge a lot more. So keep in mind that when you plan to go a restaurant or nightclub and take a taxi back, the price can be up to 4 times higher than before.
Like in any other country, stopping a driving taxi is more likely to give you a better price than a taxi driver who’s standing and waiting.

Airport transfer

A lot of times accommodations offer airport transfers. If they do not provide it or if it’s not cheap, you’ll have enough other options. There are many companies offering airport transfers. One of the cheapest ones we found is MUTT . They work with official taxi’s that will pick you up for a fixed price. It’s even possible to pay in euros so you don’t have to worry about getting rupees yet when you just arrive.

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