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// 23/11/2015
Seven Coloured Earth

Besides the Gardens of Pamplemousse and Mauritius her beautiful beaches and islands, the Seven Coloured Earth is one of the most famous and most visited attractions on Mauritius. It’s a rare sight within a beautiful paradise known as Chamarel. How did the Seven Coloured Earth arise? Mauritius is a volcanic island, with only one dormant…

// 12/11/2015
Mauritius climate

Visible from many coastlines in the west.. Peninsula Le Morne, inscribed on the UNESCO world heritage list! Le Morne is located at the south western tip of Mauritius. On the Peninsula you will see an impressive mountain with an altitude of 556 meter! The mountain is surrounded with a lagoon with one of the most…

Driving Routes
// 14/10/2015
Chamarel waterfalls

One of Mauritius most interesting and beautiful places is Chamarel. You have to keep your camera present all the time when driving through the Chamarel region. Beautiful viewpoints and green hills are everywhere, together with seven coloured earth and waterfalls.. What is Chamarel? Chamarel is a small village on the west coast of Mauritius, near…

Islands & Beaches
// 13/10/2015

Wow.. Imagine yourself walking through turqouise water 300 meters away from shore, looking over Mauritius. Ile aux Benitiers gives you a sight you will never forget and will make you do forget that you swum with wild dolphins an hour earlier. Swim with dolphins Almost every morning a group of dolphins swim near Tamarin, a…