Shopping mall Cascavelle

// 13/11/2015

Located close to Flic en Flac is shopping mall Cascavelle. Cascavelle hosts a big supermarket, electronic and clothing shops, a library, a food court, a discotheque, a kart court and lots more. Therefore, Cascavelle is a good place to buy your groceries and hang out in the evening.

What’s there?

Shopping mall Cascavelle is a open-air shopping mall with shops on two sides. It has some main attractions like the Monoprix supermarket, SpeedoMax kart court, clothing store Woolworths and music bar/restaurant Lakaz. You can check the official website of shopping mall Cascavelle to see if the shop you are searching for is also at Cascavelle. Is it a big shopping mall then? ..No Cascavelle is still relatively small so it won’t take all of your day to see everything.

I will further describe two of the attractions.

SpeedoMax kart court

SpeedoMax kart court is the only kart court in Mauritius. The track is semi-big and quite new. They offer special prices for children or groups and it’s possible to buy restaurant packages. You can check more info about prices and packages here.


By day, Lakaz is a Creole rastaurant. At Wednesday, Friday and Saturday night, Lakaz is the place for music lovers. Every Wednesday there is live music at Lakaz and they always prove to find some very good musicians. In the weekend the musicians make place for those who want to dance on the tunes of a DJ

Food court

Shopping mall Cascavelle hosts a small variety of food shops. Besides a Burger King you will have the possibility to eat Creol food, Chinese, Italian, steak and Greek food.

How to get there

Shopping mall Cascavelle is located on the corner of the A3 road and Coastal Road to Flic en Flac, which makes it very accessible to reach. From Flic en Flac you will at Cascavelle within 5 minutes by car.
The shopping mall can be visit as well by public transport. All buses coming from or going to Flic en Flac make a stop at Cascavelle. The one-way price is 15 MUR. All other passing buses heading south or north make a stop at Cascavelle as well. Beware. Busses in Mauritius don’t drive at night.


Shopping mall Cascavelle

Coastal Rd, Mauritius

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