Rochester Falls

// 04/10/2015

The Rochester Falls are well worth a visit when driving through the south of Mauritius. The waterfall is beautifully surrounded by trees and you can enjoy it without many people being there. You can take a swim and relax at the sound of the waterfall, but you can also climb the waterfall and take a jump.


You can jump off the Rochester Falls from several points. You have to take a risky climb though to reach most places. While climbing the approximately 10 meters to the top is not recommended, it is possible. You can also just take a three minute walk to the top. There is a bush path next to the waterfall. Needless to say, be careful while climbing and where you risk to jump. Off course there are rocks in the water at several spots. Therefore, I advice you to check first where the locals are jumping so you know which places are safe.

The perfect waterfall?

The Rochester Falls are perfect as well for escaping the sun and relaxing in the water while admiring your surrounding. You can enjoy the beauty in silence and the playful will enjoy themselves as well. All this makes the Rochester Falls my favourite waterfall on Mauritius.

How to get there?

The Rochester Falls are in the south of Mauritius, close to the village Souillac. You have to drive to it’s neighbour village Surinam. Along the way you will have to take a turn into a street with a hand written sign to Rochester Falls. You can also go to Surinam and at the traffic lights turn into Chamouny Road.  From here it will be a little bit of an off-road adventure. Continue driving for about two minutes and you will find the location where to park the car.
From there on the Rochester Falls are not difficult to reach. From where you can park your car it’s about a 5 minutes walk to the waterfalls.


Rochester Falls

Chamouny Road, Surinam, Mauritius

Nature, Waterfalls

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