Quatre Bornes market

// 08/12/2015

The Quatre Bornes market is an experience if you want to explore Mauritius and how local people trade. Moreover you can do some souvenir shopping here and you can bargain, so you get a good price for them. The Quatre Bornes market is another attraction which does not cost you any money except from the souvenir shopping and the transport costs. Three really good reasons to go here during your holiday in Mauritius.

The market

You will find out that the Quatre Bornes market primarily is a market for the locals and you will not find a lot of tourists there, but this is what makes the market so special! Locals buy all kinds of things at the market. You will find a lot of clothes here, like the traditional Indian clothes, sports wear or underwear.. you can find it all at this market! Furthermore you can find kitchen ware, sunglasses, carpets, make-up and souvenir stands. The market is big. When you think it is the end of the market you find out there are even more stands!

Where to find the Quatre Bornes market and when is it?

The Quatres Bornes market takes place every Thursday and Sunday during daytime. You will find the market in the town Quatre Bornes, right in front of the bus station. You can get there by car, but then you have to park your car, so we advice to take the bus to Quatre Bornes, as the market is right in front of the bus station. Moreover the transport costs will be lower when taking the bus.


Quatre Bornes market

George Town Complex, St Jean Road, Quatre Bornes, Mauritius

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