Nightlife Flic en Flac

// 13/10/2015

Is there a nightlife going on in Flic en Flac? For sure there is during the weekends. There are several dancing bars in Flic en Flac village on the boulevard. The most famous one for now is on the boulevard; bar Shotz. Newcomer Lakaz at Cascavelle is the place to socialize and Kenzibar is your ultimate place to relax.

Flic en Flac centrum


Shotz is a semi-open air bar and attracts a mix of locals and foreigners. It’s the perfect place to socialize because Shotz offers both the opportunity to dance and to find a place to chat. At Shotz you will also have the possibility to see a famous singer or dj from time to time


For those who are into live music, Flic en Flac has a bar to offer as well! Just a few blocks from the waterfront you find a cosy bar with laid back atmosphere called Kenzibar. Kenzibar is a bar where locals meet travelers, where guitarists meet singers and where beer meets music. The perfect mix of everything to chill out at Kenzibar.

Nearby Flic en Flac


lakaz music

Since shopping centre Cascavelle is opened close to Flic en Flac, Restaurant/Disco Lakaz is attracting many people and that’s quite impressive since you can only come there if you have transport. What’s their trick? Invite very good dj’s and every Wednesday there is top quality live music!

Big Willy’s

If you have a car and maybe even more important.. if you have a person available who is in for a non-alcoholic night, there are some bars just outside of Flic en Flac.. in Tamarin. In Tamarin you will find Big Willy’s where you can eat, lounge, but also have a good party until the early hours!


Nightlife Flic en Flac

Coastal Rd, Flic en Flac, Mauritius


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