La Vanille park

// 23/12/2015
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Located in the South of Mauritius you can find La Vanille park where you experience nature and many animals, which makes you feel like you are in a zoo. The park is fun to go for children as well as for adults.  Walking between the banana trees you will find that La Vanille park is the house of 2000 crocodiles and 1000 tortoises and many other animals!

Attractions of La Vanille park

At Vanilla park you will discover a lot off animals. Besides the big amount of tortoises and crocodiles you will find a range a reptiles, an aquarium, monkeys, deers, bats and many more! Furthermore you can find an insectarium, a tortoise museum, a fossil museum and a farm and playground for the kids! All of this is in a beautiful set up with lush nature.

The most fun for the small children will be the farm and the turtles! On the farm the children can feed the animals. At the turtles park children up to the age of 10 can sit on the big turtles! you can also feed them and touch them. You just walk between hundreds of turtles and this is not a lot of fun for just the children.. adults enjoy this a lot as well! On the side of the area you can find the small turtles selected by age and at the end you can find the tortoises museum.

Entrance fee and opening hours

The park is daily open from 8:30 until 17:00. Usually you pay more if you visit a park in the weekend, but here it is vice versa. Adults pay during the week 425 rupees entrance fee, but in the weekend they pay only 250 rupees. entrance fee for children (3-12 years) during week days is 235 rupees and in the weekend 115.

How to get there

You will find La Vanilla park in the South between the villages Rivière des Angielles and St. Aubin. It is not easy to find the park, because you will find out that you can only enter the park through private roads. In between Rivière des Angielles and St Aubin you can take the B8 to L’Escalier. After 1 km take the private road to the right which will lead you to La Vanilla park. As a visit to the park does not take all day, you can combine it with a refreshing swim at the Rochester falls.


La Vanille park

A9 Savanne Rd, Mauritius

Entertainment, Nature

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