Ile aux Benitiers

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// 13/10/2015

Wow.. Imagine yourself walking through turqouise water 300 meters away from shore, looking over Mauritius. Ile aux Benitiers gives you a sight you will never forget and will make you do forget that you swum with wild dolphins an hour earlier.

Swim with dolphins

Almost every morning a group of dolphins swim near Tamarin, a village close to Ile Aux Benitiers. Some moments they swim near the surface. If you get in the water at the right time you will be able to swim with them in the wild. They are very fast so enjoy every special second you swim with them.

Snorkelling around the crystal coral

Mauritius is surrounded by a coral reef and one of the best places to snorkel is in front of Ile Aux Benitiers. The water is not deep, there are many coral rocks, with one big coral rock coming out of the water; Crystal Coral rock. Besides the coral you can see some beautiful tropical fish.

Ile Aux Benitiers island

Ile Aux Benitiers is very small in width but long in length. On the far end towards Le Morne there’s a lonely palm tree waiting for camera pictures. There are musicians playing their guitar and singing Bob Marley and there probably is beer and rum ..Yes, Mauritians are experts in creating perfect days.

Different kind of souvenirs

On Ile aux Benitiers there are vendors as well, not much.. and they do net sell caps or sunglasses. They sell colourful textile and all the small souvenirs they sell is made from shelves.

How to get there?

There are multiple ways to reach Ile Aux Benitiers. One is by organized tour, which include dolphin swimming, bbq and a visit to the beautiful coral rock.
The other option is to drive to the village La Gaulette and arrange a deal yourself with a fisherman to take you to the island, and very important, to pick you up as well.


The boattrip to Ile aux Benitiers unfortunately is an examle of nature and animals being exploided for tours. The dolphins are surrounded by over 50 boats daily, poluting their environement. The coral is suffering as well by the boats sailing over it with high speed in low water.

If you find a way to visit this beautiful island and the dolphins without harming the eco system, please let us know!


Ile aux Benitiers

11 Rue de Frangipanes, La Gaulette, Mauritius

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