How to arrange a tour

// 20/12/2015

Some attractions, like boat trips, are best to arrange at a tour operator. Tour operators are common on most tourist areas like Grand Baie or Flic en Flac and can be found in shops. Others can be found on-line as well. But which tours should you book where?

Arranging a tour on-line

The advantage of on-line tour providers is that they offer a very divers selections of tours. When searching for a tour on-line you will first find some tour providers who can arrange tours for almost every attraction in Mauritius.

Another advantage is that you usually can read more reviews of previous visitors  for this tour provider.

The disadvantage off arranging a tour on-line is that the tours usually are more expensive, sometimes a lot more expensive. The on-line tour provider is only a middle-man, who needs to earn money as well.

Arranging a tour at your accommodation

A lot of times this is a good option for buying a tour. Your housekeeper has connections and can negotiate a fair price. He does not need to make any money out of this, satisfied customers are just as important.

On the other hand, tours can also be more expensive than necessary, if the hotel you are staying in is already an expensive one. Offering a tour that is cheap will not be taken seriously.

Arranging a tour at a shop

Buying a tour at a shop gives you the advantage of talking with the owner. This way you can aks more questions and receive more information and you have the possibility to negotiate the price.

Many tour offering shops are located near to each other. Therefore, they suffer a lot from competition and this makes it easy for you to compare prices.

When buying your tour at a shop you immediately receive a ticket, which is you prove.

Another advantage is that some shops own their own transportation, like a boat or minibus. This way they are able to keep the costs low.

Most tours include several attractions. Therefore, they operate by keeping to a schedule. This means you will have less freedom of going where and when you want to go.

Best tour operators

In Flic en Flac we have dealt with all the tour operators and the most trustworthy tour operator is Premier Mauritius Holidays. This one is run by Sameem and his wife Azmee. They give fair prices, are easy to talk with and have a lot of contacts. Besides good (boat) trips, they also offer airport transfers, car rental and accommodation. Below you will find their contact details.

Premier Mauritius Holidays
Sameem & Azmee
Flamingos Avenue, Flic en Flac
Skype: premiermauritius.holidays
+230 453 96 67 / +230 57 56 73 24 / +230 57 52 06 11

*Note that we have not yet had any experiences with any tour operators outside of Flic en Flac


There are people trying to sell you tours as well when you are on the beach. They come up to you and ask you if you would like to go for dolphin swimming for example. Don’t! The price they ask is higher than tour offices, you don’t have any warranty and you end up in a boat that is ready to sink.


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