High and low season

// 13/01/2016
high and low season

Are you planning your holiday to Mauritius, but do you want to know what is the best period for you to stay on this beautiful island? It can be said that there is really some difference between high and low season in Mauritius. If you like hot temperatures, many night activities and vivid atmospheres on the beaches, then high season would be a good period for you to spend your time in Mauritius. If you like deserted beaches, breezy evening weather and you go on holiday to rest, then low season is the perfect timing for you. Read more below about the high and low season in Mauritius.

High season

Mauritius knows two climate seasons. Summer and winter. Summer is from November to April and it can be considered as high season. The peak season in Mauritius is in the summer period in December and January. These months are the hottest and most humid of the year and the chance of having cyclones during this period is bigger. During peak season the popular beaches are crowded, you have to make a reservation for restaurants, you have to book trips in advance and the prices for the accommodation go up.

You will find more tourists in December and January, but they are not the ones who make beaches look crowded. December and January is the longest holiday for Mauritians. Many Mauritians have holiday from their work for two weeks and the children have holiday from school for even two months. On the streets and beaches you can see Mauritius is celebrating the holiday. For example the Flic en Flac beach has turned into a public camp site during this period. December and January is also the period to party. Many events are organized around Christmas and New Year.

Aside from peak season you will see that the high season is still very calm and quiet. On the public beaches it can be busy only during the weekends, but it is quiet and an experience to go to the beach during these days and observe the locals coming together to enjoy their weekend. The same counts for the camp site on the beach during the peak season.

Low Season

Low season is in the winter, which is from April to October. The winter period is called ‘winter’, but it sounds colder that it is. Actually the winter period is a really good period to visit Mauritius if you don’t like humidity and temperatures over 30 degrees Celsius. During daytime it is still quite warm (around 26 degrees Celsius) during daytime and in the evening it cools down a bit to around 20 degrees Celsius, so in the evening you can use a thin sweater to spend the evening warm. In winter you will not have a lot of rainfall, because it is the dry season. During low season the prices for the hotels, tours and most of the accommodation are lower.


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