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// 21/01/2017
grand baie harbour

In the very north of Mauritius lies Grand Baie. Grand Baie is the tourist capital of the island. It has not become so attractive by accident. The bay owns a huge beach with beautiful view over the northern islands and there are plenty of things to do. Nowadays, the bay is filled with shops, restaurants and hotels. Sounds crowded? Don’t worry.. within short distance you’ll find many less crowded beaches.

Flat island

Grand Baie during daytime

Northern islands

Grand Baie offers many daytime activities. Different islands which you can visit like Ile Aux Gabriel embark at Grand Baie. Most of the tours to these islands are one by catamaran. To arrange a tour you can visit one of the tour agencies in the village.

catamaran grand baie

Underwater activities

The blue waters are perfect as well for underwater activities. An exclusive experience is the under water walk but if you prefer to keep it simple snorkling in this area is possible as well. Nearby villages like Trou Aux Biches are also perfect for snorkling.

Cap Malheureux

The beautiful church of Cap Malheureux is only 10 kilometres east of Grand Baie. By car you be there within minutes. You can’t miss it either, since the church is situated next to the Royal road.

The Hindu temple Tamil Surya Oudaya Sangam

One the most special temples of the Hindu religion is build in Grand Baie. The Tamil Surya Oudaya Sangam temple can be visited during daytime. Try to speak to one of the members to learn specific details about the temple and remember that it’s expected to leave your footwear at the entrance.

Shopping at La Croisette

While you’re in Grand Baie you cannot miss the big shopping centre La Croisette at the entrance of the village coming from Port Louis. Take some time there to eat nice local dishes and visit some local crafts shops.

Grand Baie by night

Drinks & party

Since Grand Baie is such an important place for tourists, it has no shortage of bars to have a good night out. To have a drink at a local bar you find some nice places along the beach. For clubbing you can stay near the beach as well. Two of the most visited clubs are located on the Royal road. Banana Beach Club is a very nice place where you can have a nice drink, listen to music and even party during the night. Les Enfants Terribles is one the biggest clubs where lots of Mauritians party as well during the weekend.
Unfortunately you have to be awared that you always stay in sight with your company. Safety in nightclubs is not guaranteed in Mauritius.


Wanna do something different? You can catch a movie in Grand Baie as well. Just head back over to La Croisette. The cinema over there is one of the fewer cinemas on the island where they play English movies.

How to get to Grand Baie

There are multiple roads leading to Grand Baie but in general there are three different entries to the village. Coming from the south (Port Louis) the M2 main road takes you straight to Grand Baie. It will take about 30 minutes from Port Louis to Grand Baie. You can also visit Grand Baie through the coastal road (named Royal road or B13). This road leads to Pereybere east of the village and to Mont Choisy west of the village. Coming from Trou Aux Biches the fastest way to reach Grand Baie is by driving the A4 road.


Grand Baie

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