Eureka waterfalls

// 11/01/2016
eureka waterfalls

Beneath the Eureka house, in a valley you only see in child books or movies, lie the Eureka waterfalls. The scenery you get will surprise you! ..And you can get there for free!

The path down

Where you will start your climb down is on top of the valley. There are several sandy paths going down. All of them will lead you in just a couple of minutes to one of the waterfalls. Since there are no fences and at some points it’s a bit steep, this climb down is not recommendable for people who suffer from fear of heights.

The waterfalls

On the left side there are 3 waterfalls very close to each other. Two of them only meters away from each other and above them, just a little but further there is a third. They are a nice scenery and it’s easy to walk to the top of the first two waterfalls. From there you can look down the waterfall from above.

The most tricky waterfalls the reach are the Bassin Diable waterfalls. To reach them you have to take the path to the right. At first the walk will be underneath trees but after a couple of minutes the path is in the open air and you have an amazing view over the valley you are walking in! The scenery here is really special and therefore I truly recommend walking to the Bassin Diable waterfalls.

The waterfalls are not really suitable for swimming since it is not easy to get in and get out of the water. If you go there, remember to bring mosquito repellent!

How to get to the Eureka waterfalls?

First you will have to go the Eureka house. You can combine a visit to the waterfalls with a visit to the house. The entrance for the house is 300 Rs. You can also reach the waterfalls without going to the Eureka house. You can park your car in front of the house and find a way left or right around the Eureka house that goes towards the cliff. From there you will find paths going down to the

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Eureka waterfalls

Mount Ory Rd, Moka, Mauritius


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