Eureka House

// 31/12/2015
Eureka House Moka

After having visited Eureka house you will be jealous on the family that settled down here in 1830. It’s difficult to say what is more special now, the house in its antique colonial style, or the surroundings; the edge of a beautiful valley with wondrous waterfalls underneath the mountain Le Pouce!

Museum Eureka house

The Eureka house was built in 1830 by a prosperous Mauritian family. Nowadays, being one of the few colonial houses in good state left in Mauritius, the house is a museum. Villa Eureka is also being called the house of the 109 doors. Inside you can have a glimpse of the nineteenth century by looking at the pictures on the wall and the well maintained furniture. Especially the bath sends you back in time. Besides the bath you can see beautiful beds, tables, closets, and items like an old globe.


From the back garden looking over the house you can see that Eureka house lies beautifully beneath the cliffs of Le Pouce. At the end of the back garden you can walk down a beautiful path through a valley towards a series of waterfalls. After having seen all this, you understand the being jealous part!


The entrance fee to see the house is 300 Rs per person. If you ask for a personal guide you will get one for free. You can also chose to eat in the (antique-style) restaurant. Instead of 300 Rs you will pay 800 Rs. For this price you will get a starter, a main dish and dessert besides the entrance to the house.

Restaurant, Souvenir shop and guest house

The entrance of the museum is a souvenir shop. Besides the museum, you can also visit the restaurant and you have the possibility to sleep in the guest house.

How to get to Eureka house?

Now here’s the tricky part. Although it is not difficult to get to Eureka house, you have to know the route in advance. There are no signs until you have reached the street of Eureka house. You can get there coming from different directions:
1. Coming from Port Louis towards Bagatelle on the M1. Leave the motorway by taking the exit Montagne Ory (Mount Ory).
2. Coming from the north-east you have to follow the signs ‘Moka’. You drive al the way through Moka until you reach Mount Ory road. On the T-junction, turn right.
3. Coming from the south the easiest way to reach Eureka house is by taking the exit ‘Bagatelle’. Instead of entering the parking park you follow the signs ‘Moka’. Following this road will lead you to Mount Ory road.

In either of the previous descriptions you have to continue driving Mount Ory road until you see the following sign. From here you can’t miss the house.

Sign Eureka house

If you want to go just to the waterfalls without having to pay the entrance fee, just go left or right around the house towards the cliff from where you will find a way down.


Eureka House

Mount Ory Rd, Moka, Mauritius



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