Drinking water in Mauritius

// 28/11/2015

Should you be drinking water in Mauritius from the tap or from a bottle? An important question when you are staying in Mauritius. What should you do?

Tap water or bottled water?

When you are on holiday in Mauritius make sure you always drink water from a capped bottle and no tap water. The quality of the tap water is different in every village, so it is recommended to be secure and drink the bottled everywhere you are in Mauritius, because the last thing you want during your holiday is feeling ill.

We found out that our sewer and wreck for our dishes was leaving black marks of the water from the tap after a couple of days. We have not been able to find out why this is showing up. It does however, convince us to use bottled water.

When to use bottled water?

If you want ice cubes, make them from bottled water. It is also advised to make your coffee or tea from bottled water. Coffee machines and water boilers don’t always reach the boiling point. When brushing your teeth be secure and rinse with bottled water.

Do you want to use tap water? It always helps to boil your water for at least 3 minutes. Does that solve the problem than? I do not dare to say it does.


Throughout the years the quality of the water has improved in Mauritius, so it is possible that within a few years drinking water in Mauritius can be done from the tap. It would not only be cheaper but also better for the environment. There is huge waste on plastic bottles in Mauritius, since there is not deposit on the bottles. Mauritius is very concious about using plastic however. Since 2016 it is not allowed to have plastic bags any more in Mauritius.

Where to buy water?

The cheapest place to buy your capped bottles of water is at the supermarket. In general the cheapest brand to buy in the supermarket is ‘Vital water’. The price for a 1,5L bottle of water costs around 16 MUR. There is no deposit on the plastic bottles.


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