Daily expenses in Mauritius

// 12/11/2015

Are you planning to go on holiday to Mauritius? And would you like to make an estimate what your daily expenses are? Find out here how much things cost in general, how much tip you should give and where you should beware of regarding buying things.

Currency Mauritius

In Mauritius you pay with Mauritian Rupees. When you’ve arrived at the airport, it’s recommended not to change your money for Rupees right at the airport. The rate you change your money for is not so good. Withdraw your money at a cash machine.

What do things cost?

Find here a list of what things cost in general so you know more or less what your expenses can be.


Prices of random products in supermarket:
1,5L bottle of water: 16 MUR
Can of local beer: 33 MUR
Small pack of coffee: 60/100 MUR
1L yoghurt: 80 MUR
6 rolls of toilet paper: 45 MUR

Vegetables, fruit and meat is not very cheap to buy in the supermarket.
Food in the supermarket is not very cheap in general. Sometimes it is even cheaper to take away food or to eat in a (cheap) restaurant. Drinks are way more expensive in bars and restaurants though.

Restaurants and bars

In Mauritius you can find different kinds of restaurants to eat. You can go on a budget or you can go for a fancy dinner. The prices between them are different.

Here you can find some examples so you will have an idea of what food and drinks can cost in a bar or restaurant.
1,5L bottle of water: 100 MUR
Glass of local beer: 80 to 125 MUR
Main dish in cheap restaurant: 250 MUR
Main dish in more fancy restaurant: 500 to 1000 MUR
Local food at a beach stall: 5 to 100 MUR

Food is in general cheap to find in restaurants. If you are checking out the menu, also check if the 15% VAT is included or excluded in the price, so the bill will not be a surprise.

If you are at the beach and you want to go for lunch also give the local food at the beach stalls a try. The food is cheap, but good! Try to find roti, samosa, biryani, mine frites.

More price indications
Bus ride: max. 34 MUR per ride
Car rental around: 1000 MUR
Renting motorbike around: 600 MUR
Boat day trip around: 1000 MUR

Bargaining and giving tips

When you want to arrange a tour, rent a car or buy something at a market make sure you always bargain and play the game.

In Mauritius there is not a really big tipping culture. Tips should be earned. It will be highly appreciated though if you tip for a good service.


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