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// 14/10/2015
Chamarel waterfalls

One of Mauritius most interesting and beautiful places is Chamarel. You have to keep your camera present all the time when driving through the Chamarel region. Beautiful viewpoints and green hills are everywhere, together with seven coloured earth and waterfalls..

What is Chamarel?

Chamarel is a small village on the west coast of Mauritius, near Tamarin and le Morne. However, Chamarel is better known for the beautiful area around the village. A drive through Chamarel is populair under Mauritians and tourists because of the beautiful nature (it’s close to Black river Gorges National Park) and the stunning view over le Morne, Tamarin and the Indian ocean.

Chamarel Waterfall

Probably the most famous picture of Mauritius. Chamarel Waterfall is a nature’s beauty. The drop of the water is almost 100 meters down. There is a nice viewpoint that can be reached by car. Needless to say Chamarel Waterfall is a must see.

Seven coloured earth

Nearby Chamarel Waterfall are the famous Seven coloured earth dunes. Signs on the road will drive you into the right direction. The ground is something you have never seen before, however you will not need all day to spends here (..unless you are a geological with permission to enter the ground).


There are activities to undertake as well in Chamarel. To change your view of how you will look at things, head to the Curious corner of Chamarel, where your brains will be put to the test.
Being on Mauritius, an island where rum is as important as water, you have to go to the The Rhumerie de Chamarel as well.


There are several places to eat while driving through Chamarel. In the village itself  you can find some local restaurants and there are two restaurants with marvellous views: Chamarel restaurant, close to the Seven Coloured Earth and Varangue Sur Morne, close to Black River Gorges. Both restaurants are very affordable, Chamarel restaurant however is not always welcoming guests whom are not participating in a tour. Perhaps making a reservation helps.

How to get there

Chamarel Waterfall, the Seven coloured earth and the Curious corner of Chamarel can all be found on the B104 road. The entrance of Seven coloured earth is right next to the Curious corner of Chamarel. To go to Chamarel Waterfall you will have to go through the entrance of Seven coloured earth. You can reach the B104 at 3 different ways; Coming from Grand Bassin or the villages Case Noyale and Baie du Cap.

To head towards the Rhumerie of Chamarel you will have to take a turn into the B103 road in the village Chamarel and follow the signs to Plaine Champagne.
You can perfectly combine a visit to Chamarel with a trip to Grand Bassin Lake, The Rochester Falls or Le Morne Brabant.



B103 - Plaine Champagne Road, Chamarel, Mauritius

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