// 22/04/2016

Taking a taxi is an affordable thing to do in Mauritius, whether it’s just to take you back home from a restaurant or to drive you around the island. Still prices can vary. Also, there are some online tools to help you find a taxi. We’ll be happy to share our knowledge..! What’s normal? The…

Driving Routes
// 23/11/2015

Driving in Mauritius by car is the best way to explore the islands’ outback and to drive along the beautiful Mauritian coastlines. You can escape from the tourism and you can take your time and go off the beaten track. You get to see so much of the island if you have a car and…

// 19/10/2015
Mauritius bus

Public transport in Mauritius is limited to the buses (and minivans). A new metro line has been opened between the main cities in 2020.  Taking the bus in Mauritius Busrides are very populair under Mauritians. Prices are affordable and there is quite allright schedule. The quality of the buses can be better though.. The best…