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// 17/11/2015

It seems like everywhere you’ll go in Mauritius you will find white sand beaches with clear blue water. It’s just a very normal thing. You will find one for example next to the air plane strip. It’s called Blue Bay.. But why??

Au revoir beach

When you leave Mauritius by air plane Blue Bay is the first beach you will see.  It will be this beach one minute after departure that makes your wish to return definite. Especially seen from above the lagoon looks so beautiful. But also seen from the beach you can understand why many Mauritius go here during the weekend. The beach is nice, the water is beautiful and still, there is coral reef to explore while snorkeling and it is possible to take a boot to Ile Des Deux Cocos.

When to go to Blue Bay?

blue bay beach

Blue Bay attracts less tourists than beaches in the north or west of Mauritius. Simply because there are less hotels nearby. The beach is very famous however by locals during the weekends. It is clear why the village is called Blue Bay. The water can be beautiful light blue, but it won’t be when there are many clouds.

How to get to Blue Bay?

To reach Blue Bay you will have to go through Mahebourg or pass the airport. Coming from the north, west or south, you will have to go drive towards the airport on road M2. Near the airport you continue to drive on the A10 and take a turn into the Blue Bay Link Road just before Mahebourg. Coming from the north.
Coming from the beautiful road along the Eastern coast you have to drive into Mahebourg and drive towards the coast. The Coastal Road will take you from Mahebourg to Pointe d’Esny to Blue Bay.


Blue Bay

Coastal Rd, Blue Bay, Mauritius


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