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About Us

There are a lot of beautiful places to explore in Mauritius, but some you will not find without knowing how to get there. However, Mauritius is perfect to go explore on your own. We know how much joy it brings to travel around and explore and we want to trigger people to go and do the same.

We have been travelling for a while and we have seen some really nice sleeping places that just take it one step further than others. We are working on collecting their data and share these places on Mauritius Memories. We also look for really good budget places. That way we feel we provide all the info you will need for a nice, cool, relaxing and joyful stay!

We are Jeroen and Malou, both from Holland. Our first visit to Mauritius was in 2011. We stayed for 5 months  for doing our internship on this beautiful island. After travelling to Thailand, Indonesia, Cuba Mexico and Guatemala we returned to Mauritius in 2015, because Mauritius has always been nearby in our memory.

I love to explore every corner of Mauritius. I also like to work on websites and create a nice photographic blog. 1 + 1 = 2.
I hope you will like this blog and that our information may be helpful for you!


Passionated about writing, photography and exploring the world with Mauritius as special place in my heart!

I have so many special memories when thinking about Mauritius and hopefully through this website you will find the right info to create your own Mauritian memories too!

If you want to read more about us, please visit Spin the Globe, where you will find many stories about our previous travels. One little thing we should mention.. You must be able to read Dutch to understand things. (hint) The Dutch word for ‘photo’ is ‘foto’ ;).

We’ve seen a lot of beautiful beaches in Thailand and Mexico and beautiful vulcanos in Guatemala and Indonesia. However, Mauritius has something special. Mauritius has so many beautiful different spots within such a small area. Every road you drive is beautiful as well and the people are very kind. More important, so much is still unexplored by mass tourism.. Sometimes you feel like your the first the visit that waterfall.
Why are we writing about these waterfalls then? We believe Mauritius will never fall into the hands of mass tourism. This country is just for Mauritians themselves and you and me. However a lot of you find it difficult to find information about all that Mauritius has to offer. Therefore we believe this beautiful country and you deserve an independent informational blog with lots of photos revealing Mauritius her beauty.

Our mission is ambitious but simple. We want Mauritius Memories to become the number 1 blog on information and hints about Mauritius with over 150 stories. We are not there yet.. Therefore, follow us!


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