7 Cascades (7 waterfalls)

// 27/01/2016
7 Cascades Mauritius

The 7 cascades are a piece of nature which cannot be missed when you visit Mauritius. They are hidden in a valley between Curepipe and Black River Gorges. The 7 cascades (7 waterfalls in English) are also known as the Tamarind falls. One is more reachable than the other, but they are all worth visiting. If you love to hike or to abseil, you will have a very good day when going here!


If you think the photos look nice, believe me that it’s twice as nice in reality. It’s really a world wonder how the 7 waterfalls lie beneath each other in a beautiful green valley where you can also see the white-tailed tropical seabird flying. Like so many other places in Mauritius this place is still 100% nature. This means no fences or paved roads.

Hike or abseil the 7 cascades?

There are 7 waterfalls, but you will find out only the first three can be reached pretty easily by hiking. The fourth will already be more difficult, as you have to climb down a tree to reach it (or jump off the waterfall into the lake beneath it). From there a path leads back up to the top. It is possible to arrange an abseiling tour which will take you to all the 7 waterfalls, which is the ultimate way to experience this remarkable valley.

How to get to the 7 cascades?

The place to start is near the village Henrietta. Navigate with the off-line HERE app to the 7 cascades restaurant and lodges. On your way to the restaurant you will find a Hindu temple on your left. Park your car on the other side of the road in front of the Hindu temple. From here a path leads to the first waterfall, but the path is not really easy to find. There are arrow signs displaying “7 cascades”. They point to the restaurant where they offer you a guide. Actually the path to the waterfalls is completely into the opposite direction of the arrow signs.

Still we recommend to book a guide, although it is not impossible to go on your own. From the parking lot you walk to a dirt road into the bushes. You will find a path here going down to reach the first waterfall. When you’re down the path you see you are on the highest point of the seven waterfalls. The view is already amazing at this point and you will see the view looks different from every cascade. After reaching the first waterfall you have to go to the other side over the water to find a path going down the second waterfall, from there on it will not be difficult to follow the path.


7 Cascades (7 waterfalls)

Unnamed Road, Vacoas-Phoenix, Mauritius

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