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// 27/01/2016
7 Cascades Mauritius

The 7 cascades are a piece of nature which cannot be missed when you visit Mauritius. They are hidden in a valley between Curepipe and Black River Gorges. The 7 cascades (7 waterfalls in English) are also known as the Tamarind falls. One is more reachable than the other, but they are all worth visiting….

// 20/01/2016
Mauritius visa

As a tourist you can stay for months in Mauritius. Your Mauritius visa doesn’t cost anything, likewise the Mauritius visa extension is for free. The rules are simple, yet unknown to many.. Rules When you enter Mauritius by air plane the immigration officer at the airport will count the days you stay in Mauritius. Based…

// 13/01/2016
high and low season

Are you planning your holiday to Mauritius, but do you want to know what is the best period for you to stay on this beautiful island? It can be said that there is really some difference between high and low season in Mauritius. If you like hot temperatures, many night activities and vivid atmospheres on…

// 11/01/2016
eureka waterfalls

Beneath the Eureka house, in a valley you only see in child books or movies, lie the Eureka waterfalls. The scenery you get will surprise you! ..And you can get there for free! The path down Where you will start your climb down is on top of the valley. There are several sandy paths going…

// 07/01/2016
Things to do for children in mauritius

What are the things to do for children in Mauritius? We found out that many people with children find it difficult to find out what things there are to do for families. In our opinion there could be done more for children, however there are still enough things to do for children during your holiday….