// 02/05/2016

Pont Naturel, also known as ‘the naturel bridge’, shows that Mauritius can be very divers. Not all coastlines on the island consist of white sand beaches. There are also places where the sea is rough. Pont Naturel is one of those places. And still, it’s just as beautiful as one of those white sand beaches! What is…

// 23/12/2015
la vanille park ninja turtles

Located in the South of Mauritius you can find La Vanille park where you experience nature and many animals, which makes you feel like you are in a zoo. The park is fun to go for children as well as for adults.  Walking between the banana trees you will find that La Vanille park is the…

// 29/11/2015
Le Souffleur

In the south of Mauritius you will find a different coastline than white sand beaches. Nonetheless, this coastline has created some wonders as well, like Le Souffleur and la Roche qui Pleure. Formed during thousands of years by waves breaking against the cliffs, a natural bridge has evolved. About Le Souffleur The hidden treasure of…

Islands & Beaches
// 17/11/2015

It seems like everywhere you’ll go in Mauritius you will find white sand beaches with clear blue water. It’s just a very normal thing. You will find one for example next to the air plane strip. It’s called Blue Bay.. But why?? Au revoir beach When you leave Mauritius by air plane Blue Bay is…

// 12/11/2015
Mauritius climate

Visible from many coastlines in the west.. Peninsula Le Morne, inscribed on the UNESCO world heritage list! Le Morne is located at the south western tip of Mauritius. On the Peninsula you will see an impressive mountain with an altitude of 556 meter! The mountain is surrounded with a lagoon with one of the most…

// 04/10/2015

The Rochester Falls are well worth a visit when driving through the south of Mauritius. The waterfall is beautifully surrounded by trees and you can enjoy it without many people being there. You can take a swim and relax at the sound of the waterfall, but you can also climb the waterfall and take a…

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