// 22/04/2016

Taking a taxi is an affordable thing to do in Mauritius, whether it’s just to take you back home from a restaurant or to drive you around the island. Still prices can vary. Also, there are some online tools to help you find a taxi. We’ll be happy to share our knowledge..! What’s normal? The…

// 20/01/2016
Mauritius visa

As a tourist you can stay for months in Mauritius. Your Mauritius visa doesn’t cost anything, likewise the Mauritius visa extension is for free. The rules are simple, yet unknown to many.. Rules When you enter Mauritius by air plane the immigration officer at the airport will count the days you stay in Mauritius. Based…

// 13/01/2016
high and low season

Are you planning your holiday to Mauritius, but do you want to know what is the best period for you to stay on this beautiful island? It can be said that there is really some difference between high and low season in Mauritius. If you like hot temperatures, many night activities and vivid atmospheres on…

// 07/01/2016
Things to do for children in mauritius

What are the things to do for children in Mauritius? We found out that many people with children find it difficult to find out what things there are to do for families. In our opinion there could be done more for children, however there are still enough things to do for children during your holiday….

// 20/12/2015

Some attractions, like boat trips, are best to arrange at a tour operator. Tour operators are common on most tourist areas like Grand Baie or Flic en Flac and can be found in shops. Others can be found on-line as well. But which tours should you book where? Arranging a tour on-line The advantage of…

Food & Drinks
// 01/12/2015
roti mauritius

Mauritius is a country with a lot of different cultures and you can taste that in the food. You will find flavours from all over the world here, but then with its own Creole twist. Food from China, India, France, England, Africa.. you can taste it all here. In this blog you find the top…

// 28/11/2015

Should you be drinking water in Mauritius from the tap or from a bottle? An important question when you are staying in Mauritius. What should you do? Tap water or bottled water? When you are on holiday in Mauritius make sure you always drink water from a capped bottle and no tap water. The quality…

Driving Routes
// 23/11/2015

Driving in Mauritius by car is the best way to explore the islands’ outback and to drive along the beautiful Mauritian coastlines. You can escape from the tourism and you can take your time and go off the beaten track. You get to see so much of the island if you have a car and…

// 08/11/2015

It can be said that it is never really cold in Mauritius, because hey.. you’re on a tropical island! That does not mean it never rains. Find out here about the seasons, rainfall, temperatures and hours of sun in Mauritius. Summer and winter In the humid summer (from November to April) the mean temperature is…

// 19/10/2015
Mauritius bus

Public transport in Mauritius is limited to the buses (and minivans). There are no trains (any more), no metro or trams. Distances are short though. Cities and villages are almost always reachable by this transport system. Taking the bus in Mauritius Busrides are very populair under Mauritians. Prices are affordable and there is quite allright…

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