Pont Naturel

// 02/05/2016

Pont Naturel, also known as ‘the naturel bridge’, shows that Mauritius can be very divers. Not all coastlines on the island consist of white sand beaches. There are also places where the sea is rough. Pont Naturel is one of those places. And still, it’s just as beautiful as one of those white sand beaches!

What is Pont Naturel?

The south-east of Mauritius consists of a kilometres long rocky coastline with big waves crushing hard against the rocks. This has been going on for ages, therefore an impressive coastline has developed. A natural bridge is one element of this coastline.

The other ‘side’ of Mauritius

Pont Naturel is not a nice tropical beach or a green forest – things that pop up when you think of Mauritius – but cliffs and rough sea. We are convinced that Pont Naturel is a must see. Why? Because of the beauty of the cliffs and the waves in combination with the quietness. There aren’t many tourists there, let alone locals and there are no fences. The big waves crashing everywhere around you on the rocks make it possible that you can sit here and take your time for a while and watch the ocean.

Le Souffleur & Ilot Brocus

You can combine Pont Naturel with Le Souffleur, a similar place that lies about one kilometre to the west. Le Souffleur does not have a natural bridge but some natural showers coming through the rocks.

Next to Pont Naturel lies Ilot Brocus, a small nice island. The island is private territory. Therefore it is not possible to reach this island without invitation.

How to get to Pont Naturel

It is very hard to reach Pont Naturel by public transport. With your own transport you can get there by coming from the village Trois Boutiques or Le Souffleur. Both routes aren’t very pleasant for you car. The road is very bad so drive slow and with care (for your car).

The easiest way is through Trois Boutiques. Coming from the south-west you take the first road of the village to the right. This is the Pont Naturel Road. From here on signs on rocks will guide you to Pont Naturel.

Pont Naturel first sign

Pont Naturel first sign

Pont Naturel second sign

Pont Naturel second sign


Pont Naturel

Pont Naturel Rd, Mauritius


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