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// 19/06/2016

The north coast of Mauritius has some amazing beaches. Some of them are more crowded than the other but all of them have beautiful clear blue waters and amazing views over the northern islands. One of these treasure beaches is Pereybere, a beach just around the corner of Grand Baie.

The beach

Pereybere is a small bay but has a lot to offer. There are food stalls, sunbeds, restaurants and hotels. Because of these facilities it is the favourite beach for many inhabitants and tourists in Grand Baie. So yes, it can be a little bit crowded. However, you can easily have  some space for yourself by walking or swimming around the rocks on the right side of the beach.

Writers tip

Pereybere beach is at his best in the when the sun in getting lower. You can look towards the west and see the sun disappear in the Indian ocean. If you want to enjoy the sunset with a drink or a dinner you can. On both sides of the beach there are restaurants with tables outside.

How to get there

Pereybere beach lies next to the coastal road from Grand Baie to Cap Malheureux. Coming from Grand Baie it’s only a couple of minutes by car to get to Pereybere. There is a big parking area, so enough space to park your car. If you are looking for more nice beaches nearby, you can combine Pereybere with a visit to Bain Boeuf.


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Islands & Beaches