Ile aux Gabriel

// 24/11/2015

Ile aux Gabriel.. another island, but again like no other! Located in the north, Ile aux Gabriel should definitely be added to your Mauritius attractions bucket list. The water is so clear, the sand is white and when having a walk on the island you feel like you’re in paradise! 

Turquoise water & white sand beach

Ile aux Gabriel is not really a big island, but you can have a walk on the island. When having a walk make sure you bring your camera, because you can fill your photobook with what you shoot here. The water at Ile aux Gabriel is really calm, because of the reef around the island. The water level is low, so swimming will be a bit harder to do. However relaxing in the water is easy. Ile aux Gabriel is the perfect island to relax and to enjoy the view which the island has to offer.


The most common way to get to Ile aux Gabriel is by catamaran. Most of the times you book the catamaran tour including a bbq on the boat and free drinks. To reach the island by catamaran takes about an hour. Big alert for people who get seasick very quickly! On the way to the island the water can be very rough, because the catamaran will have to go into the open waters. If you get seasick quickly you won’t enjoy sailing on the catamaran to this island. Fortunately for the people who get seasick there are other options. Have a look at the islands Ile aux Cerfs and Ile aux Benitiers which should be on your bucket list as well. These islands are located in the east and west close to the mainland.

How to arrange a tour to Ile aux Gabriel?

If you’re located in Grand Baie then you can arrange tours at the Grand Baie harbour or at tourist offices. The tour should cost around 900-1000 rupees. This includes the catamaran tour, drinks and bbq. If you’re located somewhere else you can also book this tour at local tourist offices. The tour should cost the same, but you will need a transfer to Grand Baie as well so the price can be higher.


Ile aux Gabriel


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